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Hey, I’m favour ! I am a second year student. My main aim with this blog is to give you an insight into today’s fashion subject from a students perspective as well as document how I am getting on with my degree and let you in on what is going good for me and what isn’t really workingfor me. From this be able to give advice on how to deal with certain situations that you may face. Visit favourada2039.wordpress.cm and ready my posts


10 Amazing Facts About Your Heart

Your heart does more work than you might imagine.

Your heart isn’t only your most critical muscle — it’s what keeps you alive, after all — but also one of the hardest working. It ticks 24-7 and except for the times when you’re relaxing or sleeping, it rarely gets a break. Below, find fascinating facts about your heart that might inspire you to give it a little more TLC every day.

1. Your adult heart beats about 100,000 times each day. Do the math, and that’s at least one beat every second, or 60 to 100 times a minute, according to the American Heart Association. For people whose heart rate is closer to 60 beats per minute (bpm), that’s about 86,000 times a day. And it’s 144,000 times a day if your heart rate is closer to 100 bpm.

2. Age and fitness level affect your heart rate. Generally, as children grow or adults get fitter, the heart rate gets slower. See how it changes throughout the decades with this chart from the National Institutes of Health:

  • Newborn (0 to 11 months): 70 to 160 bpm
  • One to four years: 80 to 120 bpm
  • Five to nine years: 75 to 110 bpm
  • Children 10 years and up and adults (non-athletes): 60 to 100 bpm
  • Adults (athletes): 40 to 60 bpm

3. Heart disease isn’t only the number one killer of men, it’s also the top killer for women. Your heart doesn’t care if you’re from Mars or Venus. “Heart disease is an equal opportunity buzz kill,” says James Beckerman, MD, director of the Center for Prevention and Wellness at the Providence Heart and Vascular Institute in Portland, Oregon, and author of Heart to Start (2015). More women die of heart disease than from most cancers combined, notes Dr. Beckerman.

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), more than one in three women is living with heart disease. Every minute in this country, one woman dies from heart disease, stroke, or another form of cardiovascular disease

With Your Kids

Between the ages of 5-8,your kids are fully aware of their body organs and their uses.
Tell the boys that they should feel free to tell you anything they find unusual happening to them or around them as regards their bodies.
Tell the boys that though they may have female playmates and friends but it is important they understand they treat her with care and not play so rough around them.
Tell them they are not allowed to push their female friends on the chest or smack them on their bums.

The females should be taught they are girls and girls that are growing. They should be taught how to carry themselves around boys and not engage in all kinds of play with their male friends.
Teach your girls how to sit like ladies and how not to play hide and seek games with friends they cannot trust or mates they find a bit “funny”
Teach them what love means and how they should show love to everyone around them.
Teach your kids how to keep their bodies well and how to carry it with respect.
The girls are not allowed to rough handle their male friends and the boys are not allowed to be rough with the girls.
Give them more insights on how to take care of themselves when they want to use the loo without the help of anyone and let them always understand that their private parts are meant to be private and not to be exposed publicly.
Continue telling them..Their penis,vagina,developing breasts and bums are not meant to be touched by anyone and when they find someone trying to touch them in those areas..they have the right to shout at them and say..Do not touch it,it is mine.
If you do so again,I will report you to my parents.
Let them be bold enough to champion the course of their bodies without fear or favour.

Mom and Son

Some months u at the useless joke but some of you thought I was going too far and also saw it as a joke. Some of you were defending the “joker” and some of you were defending me that I didn’t mean to be upset with her “jokes” but was probably upset because she was gulping those sachets of dry gin. .. I laugh! Read up! I DON’T TOLERATE ADULT JOKES FOR KIDS AROUND ME OR KIDS IN MY WATCH. So please next time when you see such posts or you see me talking somewhere,don’t defend me or help me smoothen things. It is what it is for me. .. Let me still say it here that such things should not be taken as jokes or just laughed at. You see a man of 30 calling a girl of 6 his wife all in the name of joke. What kind of stupid joke is that? Who is a wife? What exactly do you want that child to embrace in his memory when you call her a wife and when she knows the exact meaning of wife? She knows her mummy is a wife to her daddy and sometimes even see them pet and give lovey Dover hugs and you call her wife? .. Why not joke with..Oh! My daughter. So she can register it in her mind that you are an elder and not a mate or an equal she can have free access to do anything with? … How can you see a young boy and call him your husband all in the name of joke. What happened to “Hello! My great boy or my son? When you call him your husband as a matured lady..What exactly do you want him to think? You do not know kids of today are ten times smarter than the ones of the 90s? .. That is how abuse starts with some abusers..From my wife,some starts fondling her breasts when no one is watching. From my husband,my husband..They start fondling his penis when no one is watching. .. Keep these stupid jokes to yourself,there is no moral value attached to such rubbish. If you want to joke with a child,get down to their level and be morally concerned. If you do not know how to joke,keep quiet and let a child be. … Know who is your husband and who is your wife and address them as such and stop calling every toddler,adolescent and teen your husband or wife.


Between the ages 10 – 16,a lot of changes would have started taking place and we call these body and hormonal changes PUBERTY. Puberty starts as early as 8 for some kids and for some it starts at age 13. .. At this level..Sex education should start becoming as real and detailed as possible. Why? It is the sensitive period where a whole lot of things happen which may lead to joy or regrets. If your adolescents and teens are tutored rightly,they will undergo this stage well and come out as matured responsible adults who can also give back to their society all they have learnt from home and school. .. Oh parents..This is the time to tell your kids the main functions of the vagina,penis,breasts and bums(😎) Apart from the fact that these are under the urinary tract systems and are used to pass out waste products..They are also the main organs for reproduction and sexual activities. I included the vagina as a urinary organ because in its region,the three holes in a woman are closely found and anything or anyone coming around such areas are automatically trespassing. .. There is a need to teach your boys that their hormonal body changes during puberty is something they should take charge of and learn to rely on you as their mums and dads when they have questions they want to ask. Tell them this is not the time to sit on the laps of aunties,uncles,strangers or even elders. Teach them how to respect elders and relatives without getting all cozy and arms locked for long. Let them know they are growing up as men and women who people would be looking up to as role models,so this is just the best time to sharpen their lives and how they want others to see and treat them. Let your boys understand what sexual molestation,sexual abuse and sexual harassment means. Tell them they have no right to touch any female wrongly. They should shake hands,give hugs and exchange pleasantries and keep it healthy at all times. Teach your girls how to behave when they are around their male classmates and friends. Teach them how to sit and wearing skirts most times will also help them know how to sit when in public or in midst of people. I am not against trousers but trousers sometimes makes a growing lady sit carelessly sometimes when she is so used to it and has just a skirt in her wardrobe. So let her mix her clothes and if you wouldn’t want skirts in her wardrobe..Always teach her how to sit. .. Let me not forget to add that..It is important to tell your 2-6 years old that they should not collect gifts,sweets and other mouth watering items from strangers. Let them learn how to always say No and not even respond to strangers. Paedophiles are always in the habit of being so nice with words and gifts to kids so as to lure them into their den of destruction when no one is watching. Make your kids your friends at all times. Friends, you can also follow me up on Twitter @Favour30769887 or you can chat me up on WhatsApp +2348160329017. Thanks

Printed Culottes + Bardot Crop Top

Printed Culottes + Bardot Crop Top

My apologies guys! If you are following me on social media you might have been expecting this post on Monday. I am pretty tired of such delays, as much as you are. There was a serious problem with the internet and lived for last 4 days with very poor signal. While I could use the apps on the phone, uploading images on the blog was too much for my weak internet connection!

Anyways, I have no control over technology but now that my internet is back (and I hope it’s permanently fixed) I am back too with the post.

Do I sound pissed? Because I am in fact very pissed! First, it’s the bad internet and second, hell, where is fall? I can’t believe I am still wearing Bardot top and culottes!

I love to wear them for sure, but for how long can I keep wearing summer clothes? I do wish to wear some warm and fuzzy winter clothes too! Never mind, like technology I don’t have control over the weather too.

So, until the temperature cools down, it’s bardot crop top teamed with printed culottes for the day!

Although I have to admit I find this pair of printed culottes really pretty and have styled them as a winter wear in the past along with blazer and boots. Today’s look is definitely summer whether I like that fact about it or not!

I did try some new eye make up though. I am not all that much into make-up, but sister gifted me with this awesome eye shadow palate that I tend to use quite a lot these days. However, my everyday make up is pretty simple, easy, quick and yes, long lasting. Do let me know if you’d like to know more about how I do my make up.