Printed Culottes + Bardot Crop Top

Printed Culottes + Bardot Crop Top

My apologies guys! If you are following me on social media you might have been expecting this post on Monday. I am pretty tired of such delays, as much as you are. There was a serious problem with the internet and lived for last 4 days with very poor signal. While I could use the apps on the phone, uploading images on the blog was too much for my weak internet connection!

Anyways, I have no control over technology but now that my internet is back (and I hope it’s permanently fixed) I am back too with the post.

Do I sound pissed? Because I am in fact very pissed! First, it’s the bad internet and second, hell, where is fall? I can’t believe I am still wearing Bardot top and culottes!

I love to wear them for sure, but for how long can I keep wearing summer clothes? I do wish to wear some warm and fuzzy winter clothes too! Never mind, like technology I don’t have control over the weather too.

So, until the temperature cools down, it’s bardot crop top teamed with printed culottes for the day!

Although I have to admit I find this pair of printed culottes really pretty and have styled them as a winter wear in the past along with blazer and boots. Today’s look is definitely summer whether I like that fact about it or not!

I did try some new eye make up though. I am not all that much into make-up, but sister gifted me with this awesome eye shadow palate that I tend to use quite a lot these days. However, my everyday make up is pretty simple, easy, quick and yes, long lasting. Do let me know if you’d like to know more about how I do my make up.

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