Between the ages 10 – 16,a lot of changes would have started taking place and we call these body and hormonal changes PUBERTY. Puberty starts as early as 8 for some kids and for some it starts at age 13. .. At this level..Sex education should start becoming as real and detailed as possible. Why? It is the sensitive period where a whole lot of things happen which may lead to joy or regrets. If your adolescents and teens are tutored rightly,they will undergo this stage well and come out as matured responsible adults who can also give back to their society all they have learnt from home and school. .. Oh parents..This is the time to tell your kids the main functions of the vagina,penis,breasts and bums(😎) Apart from the fact that these are under the urinary tract systems and are used to pass out waste products..They are also the main organs for reproduction and sexual activities. I included the vagina as a urinary organ because in its region,the three holes in a woman are closely found and anything or anyone coming around such areas are automatically trespassing. .. There is a need to teach your boys that their hormonal body changes during puberty is something they should take charge of and learn to rely on you as their mums and dads when they have questions they want to ask. Tell them this is not the time to sit on the laps of aunties,uncles,strangers or even elders. Teach them how to respect elders and relatives without getting all cozy and arms locked for long. Let them know they are growing up as men and women who people would be looking up to as role models,so this is just the best time to sharpen their lives and how they want others to see and treat them. Let your boys understand what sexual molestation,sexual abuse and sexual harassment means. Tell them they have no right to touch any female wrongly. They should shake hands,give hugs and exchange pleasantries and keep it healthy at all times. Teach your girls how to behave when they are around their male classmates and friends. Teach them how to sit and wearing skirts most times will also help them know how to sit when in public or in midst of people. I am not against trousers but trousers sometimes makes a growing lady sit carelessly sometimes when she is so used to it and has just a skirt in her wardrobe. So let her mix her clothes and if you wouldn’t want skirts in her wardrobe..Always teach her how to sit. .. Let me not forget to add that..It is important to tell your 2-6 years old that they should not collect gifts,sweets and other mouth watering items from strangers. Let them learn how to always say No and not even respond to strangers. Paedophiles are always in the habit of being so nice with words and gifts to kids so as to lure them into their den of destruction when no one is watching. Make your kids your friends at all times. Friends, you can also follow me up on Twitter @Favour30769887 or you can chat me up on WhatsApp +2348160329017. Thanks

Author: My Favorite

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