Mom and Son

Some months u at the useless joke but some of you thought I was going too far and also saw it as a joke. Some of you were defending the “joker” and some of you were defending me that I didn’t mean to be upset with her “jokes” but was probably upset because she was gulping those sachets of dry gin. .. I laugh! Read up! I DON’T TOLERATE ADULT JOKES FOR KIDS AROUND ME OR KIDS IN MY WATCH. So please next time when you see such posts or you see me talking somewhere,don’t defend me or help me smoothen things. It is what it is for me. .. Let me still say it here that such things should not be taken as jokes or just laughed at. You see a man of 30 calling a girl of 6 his wife all in the name of joke. What kind of stupid joke is that? Who is a wife? What exactly do you want that child to embrace in his memory when you call her a wife and when she knows the exact meaning of wife? She knows her mummy is a wife to her daddy and sometimes even see them pet and give lovey Dover hugs and you call her wife? .. Why not joke with..Oh! My daughter. So she can register it in her mind that you are an elder and not a mate or an equal she can have free access to do anything with? … How can you see a young boy and call him your husband all in the name of joke. What happened to “Hello! My great boy or my son? When you call him your husband as a matured lady..What exactly do you want him to think? You do not know kids of today are ten times smarter than the ones of the 90s? .. That is how abuse starts with some abusers..From my wife,some starts fondling her breasts when no one is watching. From my husband,my husband..They start fondling his penis when no one is watching. .. Keep these stupid jokes to yourself,there is no moral value attached to such rubbish. If you want to joke with a child,get down to their level and be morally concerned. If you do not know how to joke,keep quiet and let a child be. … Know who is your husband and who is your wife and address them as such and stop calling every toddler,adolescent and teen your husband or wife.

Author: My Favorite

Am down to earth

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