With Your Kids

Between the ages of 5-8,your kids are fully aware of their body organs and their uses.
Tell the boys that they should feel free to tell you anything they find unusual happening to them or around them as regards their bodies.
Tell the boys that though they may have female playmates and friends but it is important they understand they treat her with care and not play so rough around them.
Tell them they are not allowed to push their female friends on the chest or smack them on their bums.

The females should be taught they are girls and girls that are growing. They should be taught how to carry themselves around boys and not engage in all kinds of play with their male friends.
Teach your girls how to sit like ladies and how not to play hide and seek games with friends they cannot trust or mates they find a bit “funny”
Teach them what love means and how they should show love to everyone around them.
Teach your kids how to keep their bodies well and how to carry it with respect.
The girls are not allowed to rough handle their male friends and the boys are not allowed to be rough with the girls.
Give them more insights on how to take care of themselves when they want to use the loo without the help of anyone and let them always understand that their private parts are meant to be private and not to be exposed publicly.
Continue telling them..Their penis,vagina,developing breasts and bums are not meant to be touched by anyone and when they find someone trying to touch them in those areas..they have the right to shout at them and say..Do not touch it,it is mine.
If you do so again,I will report you to my parents.
Let them be bold enough to champion the course of their bodies without fear or favour.

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