Be Responsible

If a man or woman has a child and are single but want to marry you and they are bold enough to tell you they have a child and wish their children be taken as yours when you marry them.
See that statement as HUGE and look through the personality making such statement.
Single men or women who are able to come honest with their statuses as single parents looking for true love will most times make great spouses(not in comparison with anyone)
I say this for the ones who have chosen to take full responsibility for their actions. They stood through thick and thin to cater for the financial,emotional and physical needs of the child without allowing the rift they have with their partners overshadow their sense of judgement on the innocent child they both brought to the world.
A single parent who has been responsible and is still responsible for the child they brought to the world and are politely unapologetic about their statuses as single parents will make great spouses.
If you have one,marry them.
Forget the ones who can boldly deny their kids for you. Those ones can do and undo and that act of denial alone shows a great l

Do Not Spend Money on Medication for High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol, Try This Old Recipe

Today, we have an incredible remedy for you that will strengthen your immune system and cure many diseases. It is particularly beneficial for reducing high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Just use this remedy for 7 days and you will experience amazing results.

The best part is that is very easy and simple to prepare. Just follow the instructions below!

Needed Ingredients:

Grated ginger (1 piece)
1 clove garlic (grated)
1 tablespoon cider vinegar
1 teaspoon honey
1 tablespoon lemon juice


Blend all the ingredients for 30 seconds at high speed. Strain the mixture and refrigerate for 5 days.

How to use:

Consume 1 tablespoon in the morning before breakfast and 1 in the evening before dinner. This remedy will reduce your cholesterol and blood pressure, improve your energy levels and make you fresh.

Can Tangerines Help You Lose Weight?

Tangerines are perfect for folks needing a little snack and yet still respect their diet. Tangerines are low in calories (about 100 grams) only has 53 calories. A five-minute jog or a fifteen-minute walk burns that right off. Since they are the perfect size to carry, a person can eat a tangerine while walking right past the corner market without stopping.

Perhaps just as important for your weight-loss program, the average-sized tangerine only has a third of a gram of dietary fat. Since each gram of dietary fat has twice the amount of calories than a gram of protein or carbohydrates, that means most of your tangerine calories are fat-free.

Since tangerines are not as tart as other kinds of oranges, they make a perfect introduction fruit for kids. Each one is a sweet treat, and the individual pieces are easy for little fingers to pick up. They teach children (and parents) that maintaining a healthy weight can be tasty and fun.

No matter if you are starting at twenty pounds, or trying to lose that last five, you have to keep a healthy body. Fad diets and extreme fasting are dangerous. Tangerines help you keep you healthy and strong while supporting your weight loss goal. An average-sized tangerine has 27mg of Vitamin C, that is 1/3 of the RDA for women and roughly the same for men. Each one also contains 37mg of Calcium. That is about four percent of the RDA for women and men.

So when you finish that morning walk, grab a couple of tangerines. You will replace a little fluid while also giving yourself a treat that will not harm your diet and help keep you free from colds while also providing bone support.

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Winter Season

Winter Season
Its description: The winter is one of the most important seasons of India . This season comes after the rainy season . Winter stays in our country for about three months. The whole atmosphere is cold in this season. Nights are long and days are short. The cold winds blow all the time. The sky often remains clear. Sometimes it rains during this season. Dew drops at night. There is fog in the morning.
Its agents: The cold wind is the chief agent of this season. It makes the weather dull and chilly. Sometimes the untimely rain makes life miserable. It destroys our crops. Frost is another agent of the winter season. Naturally, it is always very difficult to go out at night in winter. But winter in India is not as cold as it is in some European countries.
Its importance: But the winter season has its own importance. It is very useful for health. People like to walk in the morning. They find fresh air to breathe in. During summer we cannot work for long. But in winter we can go on working for hours and hours. We do not get tired easily. There is no problem of mosquitoes in this season. People do not fall ill as they do in summer. Besides, dew drops on the grass look like pearls. This season is very important for farmers, too.
Problems and difficulties: The winter season creates problems for poor people. They have to work hard during the day time. They often sit by the fire at bight. They have no warm clothes. Sometimes they need to work even in the night. A large number of birds and other small animals die in this season. Travelling is troublesome in this season. We have to carry lot of luggage with us.
Due to lack of adequate warm clothes and shelter, there are instances of when people and animals die because of cold in our country.
What rich people should do? Rich people should spare some money for the welfare of poor people who suffer the hardship of cold winter winds. They should distribute warm clothes, blankets to poor people. They should make charitable shelter places where poor people can spend nights in a comfortable temperature.
Conclusion: However, the winter season is very useful. We like to sit and work in the sun. Everything looks fresh.

Be Honest

When you lie about yourself to wim the heart or love of a person so they can accept to marry you,you have directly or indirectly built a faulty foundation that will come crumbling one day.
When that crumbling comes,you would be suprised how love would turn to hate in a short period of time.
Be honest with people
Come clean and come true,it doesn’t matter if they choose to stay or leave.
Let honesty be a policy you live by and somehow,someday,someone who aligns with truth,maturity and reality will come spreading ther red carpets for you.

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